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Honeynut Squash Modern Miso

6 oz
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Honeynut Squash Modern Miso

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6 oz jar

Shared Cultures brings to your kitchen the Honeynut Squash Modern Miso, a delectable creation that marries the natural sweetness of honeynut squash from Full Belly Farm in Capay Valley, CA, with the time-honored tradition of miso fermentation. Heirloom koji rice and Rancho Gordo butter beans are expertly combined with roasted honeynut squash, culminating in a miso that sings with flavors of maple and caramel. This sweet and salty blend is perfectly balanced, offering a rich and satisfying taste that's delightful straight from the jar. Whether you’re whisking it into a warm soup or incorporating it into a marinade, this miso is sure to add a depth of flavor that is both nuanced and comforting.

Ingredients: Rancho Gordo large white lima beans, organic Kokuho rose rice, organic honeynut squash, sea salt, water, koji culture.

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Shared Cultures
San Francisco, CA
Shared Cultures is a small batch producer in San Francisco specializing in using koji, an ancient fungi, to create modern fermented food products. Inspired by traditional fermentation methods, wild foraged mushrooms, and the bounty of Northern California, they are creating newly imagined, farm-to-ferment miso, shoyu, and umami seasonings using the magic of koji. Their handcrafted approach has earned them a dedicated following, cherished by Michelin-starred chefs and home cooks alike. Each batch is bursting with flavors you've never experienced before, making their products a culinary adventure like no other. Read more