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Chanterelle Mushroom Miso

6 oz
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Chanterelle Mushroom Miso

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6 oz jar

The Shared Cultures Chanterelle Mushroom Miso is a culinary masterpiece, blending the earthy treasures of wild foraged chanterelle mushrooms with the artisanal touch of California heirloom koji rice and the creamy texture of white navy beans. This miso is a symphony of flavors, boasting sweet undertones and rich notes of caramel, vanilla, apricots, all underscored by a profound umami depth. It's an inventive take on traditional miso, perfect for elevating sauces, marinades, or your favorite miso soup recipe.

Ingredients: Organic navy beans, organic Kokuho rose rice, wild foraged chanterelle mushrooms, sea salt, water, koji culture.

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About The Producer

Shared Cultures
San Francisco, CA
Shared Cultures is a small batch producer in San Francisco specializing in using koji, an ancient fungi, to create modern fermented food products. Inspired by traditional fermentation methods, wild foraged mushrooms, and the bounty of Northern California, they are creating newly imagined, farm-to-ferment miso, shoyu, and umami seasonings using the magic of koji. Their handcrafted approach has earned them a dedicated following, cherished by Michelin-starred chefs and home cooks alike. Each batch is bursting with flavors you've never experienced before, making their products a culinary adventure like no other. Read more