Yum Yum Tonics

Strawberry & Rosehip Drinking Vinegar Concentrate

15 fl oz
$0.89 / fl oz
Strawberry & Rosehip Drinking Vinegar Concentrate

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15 servings per bottle
Drinking vinegar concentrate.  For a truly delightful spritzer, stir one ounce of Yum Yum Tonics concentrate with eight ounces of sparkling water.  Yum Yum Tonics also make astonishingly good cocktail mixers, salad dressings, and are great as an addition to your favorite stir fry.

No refrigeration required prior to opening.

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Yum Yum Tonics
San Francisco
Our personal commitment to local, seasonal agriculture have led us to create a line of restorative spirits that combine delicate flavors with the curative qualities in each tonic.Read more