Yum Yum Tonics

Yum Yum Tonics

San Francisco

Yum Yum Tonics was founded by Chinese medicine practitioners Caylie See and Andrew Perzigian on the principles of using food as medicine. In Asian cultures, vinegars have been consumed for centuries for longevity, and now this tradition has a modern twist - an infusion of local, organic fruits and roots. These restorative spirits combine delicate flavors with the curative qualities in each tonic.

Caylie and Andrew source produce to preserve the best of each season in their shrubs. These concentrates can be used as a daily non-alcoholic beverage in sparkling water or as a mixer for an astonishingly good cocktail.

Caylie See comes from a long lineage of California chocolatiers, and her inspiration for local food production has arisen from this heritage. Her influences harken back to San Francisco’s prohibition-era trade industry, and she strives to bottle this port town nostalgia in Yum Yum Tonics. Caylie loves developing and imbibing concoctions that toast the many influences of San Francisco’s cocktail culture.

Andrew Perzigian is a lawyer turned forager. He draws on his skills at excavating information to delve into the historical and medicinal aspects of plants to carefully select ingredients for Yum Yum Tonics. His remedies instill herbalism into urban elegance.

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