Yumé Boshi

Yukari Red Shiso Leaf Condiment

2.3 oz
$6.08 / oz
Yukari Red Shiso Leaf Condiment

Notes From The Producer

The red shiso leaves give the distinct red color and flavor to the Umeboshi Plums; they sit together for months in the pickling bucket.   After the aging process is done, we took them out, sun dried, and made into a delightful condiment.  It has that bright tanginess from the plums and still assertive shiso flavor.

Japanese people love to sprinkle Yukari onto their bowls of steamed rice.  Our recent favorite is to sprinkle on melon or fig salads.  The unique flavor and its natural color are unlike anything else!  Enjoy experimenting new matches of the flavors on your own!

limited production of 100 jars

Ingredients: red shiso leaves, ume plum juice, sea salt.

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About The Producer

Yumé Boshi
I source ume plums from small orchards in the California Central Valley to make jams and pickles. Whether you want a sweet and tangy experinece or a salty and sour one, my jams and pickles are sure to entertain your palate. Read more