Yumé Boshi

Ume Hishio Pickled Plum & Sake Condiment

5 oz
$2.99 / oz
Ume Hishio Pickled Plum & Sake Condiment

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5 oz jar
This is a smooth salty tangy and slightly sweet spread made of Umeboshi Plums. To make Ume Hishio, we de-salt the umeboshi plums (by soaking whole in water) and eliminate the pits, then cook slowly with sugar and sake. 

Great to put on steaming bowl of rice. Thin it a bit by adding water, you’ll have a delightful dipping sauce for vegetable sticks. 

ume plum, sea salt, red shiso leaves, sugar*, sake (*organic)

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About The Producer

Yumé Boshi
I source ume plums from small orchards in the California Central Valley to make jams and pickles. Whether you want a sweet and tangy experinece or a salty and sour one, my jams and pickles are sure to entertain your palate. Read more