Rabbit Rillettes (4oz)

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Rabbit Rillettes (4oz)

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Rabbit Rillettes (4oz)

Notes From The Producer

We gratefully source our rabbit from the wonderful Devil's Gulch Ranch in Nicasio. These are marinated with cider and organic herbs and spices for a couple of days, then cooked very slowly with their juices plus duck fat before they are hand shredded for a delicious taste experience. 

Keep chilled until a few minutes before serving -- best eaten not too cold. Remove the duck fat cap from the top before serving -- don't mix it in. Your rillettes is good until the "dig in" date on the jar, but should be eaten within about a week after the duck fat cap is broken.

Ingredients: Rabbit, Hard Apple Cider, Duck Fat, Organic Herbs, Spices and Salt.

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Wooden Spoons | Handcrafted Rillettes
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