Wooden Spoons | Handcrafted Rillettes

Wooden Spoons | Handcrafted Rillettes

Our deliciously handcrafted rillettes are made with locally sourced, pasture-raised meat and the finest spirits, herbs and organic produce available in the Bay Area. It's the perfect appetizer to pull out of the fridge and spread on a toasted slice of baguette.

What's Rillettes?

Rillettes is typically a meat that’s marinated in seasonings, herbs and spirits. It's then slowly simmered along with its marinade and duck fat until it’s meltingly tender and falling off the bone. At Wooden Spoons, we then shred the meat by hand, reunite it with its infused liquids it was braised in and pack it into 4- and 8-oz jars. Available seasonally, we also offer salmon and vegetable variations, as well as holiday specials. 

Wooden Spoons rillettes are perishable and must be kept refrigerated, although we find that the meats are most delicious when served closer to room temp.

All jars are capped with a layer of duck fat to preserve their freshness (the salmon uses clarified butter, the mushroom uses olive oil, for the same purpose of freshness). This layer is reusable, but for the sake of balance, it shouldn't be mixed into the rillettes. For more information please see individual descriptions.

Dig in! 
Brian and Julie
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