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Sea Salt Cultured Butter Basket

6 oz
$18.64 / lb
Sea Salt Cultured Butter Basket

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Vermont Creamery uses the freshest, highest-quality cream from their local St. Albans Cooperative, a co-op of family farms in Northeast Vermont. It's churned in small batches into a rich European-style butter with 86% butterfat content and a very low moisture content, making it perfect for pastry and cookies as it gives incredible flakiness and texture, or for high-temperature pan searing. Then coarse Celtic sea salt crystals are folded into the rich butter, giving it an unmatched texture and flavor. This butter is flavorful enough to set out on a cheese board, or to use as a main ingredient in sandwiches and tartines.

Ingredients: pasteurized cream, sea salt, cultures.

Contains: milk.

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Vermont Creamery
Websterville, VT
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