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German for “fresh curd,” quark is a fresh and slightly drained cows’ milk cheese that is similar to old-fashioned cream cheese. Inspired by its versatility and at the request of European chefs, co-founders Allison Hooper and Bob Reese crafted their first batch in 1985.

At the creamery, Quark is made from fresh local milk that is coagulated overnight into fresh curd, then drained in cheesecloth and whipped with a trace of crème fraîche. Its low butterfat content and smooth texture make it a great base for fluffy cheesecakes and mousse. Top with granola for breakfast or mix with anything from mashed potatoes to boysenberries, and it earns its keep with flair. 

Ingredients: Pasteurized cows' milk, salt, cultures, enzymes. 

contains dairy

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