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Fromage Blanc

8 oz
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Fromage Blanc

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“The French answer to yogurt”, fromage blanc is a fat-free, fresh and slightly drained cows’ milk cheese. Our Fromage Blanc originated with company co-founder Allison Hooper’s apprenticeship on a dairy farm in Brittany, France. Thicker than yogurt, the fromage blanc she enjoyed on the farm for dessert — mixed with a bit of sugar —was the inspiration.

Made with fresh, local skim milk that is set overnight to coagulate and then drained, Fromage Blanc is a healthy and natural source of fat-free protein and calcium. It's the perfect snack when served with honey or jam, mixed with granola for breakfast or used as a base for savory dips with fresh herbs and pepper.

Ingredients: skim milk, culture, enzymes, salt.

contains dairy

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