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Organic Large White Onion

1 count
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Organic Large White Onion

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One large onion, approx. 0.5-0.7lbs
Once the supply of storage onions starts to dwindle at the farms we work with directly, we rely heavily on our trusted distributor, Veritable Vegetable, to source the highest quality organic onions they can find.  These onions may be grown by one of the few trusted growers and labels Veritable Vegetable works with, including Hummingbird, Peri & Sons, Pinnacle/Foster Farms, and Heger Farms. We'll do our best to update you as Veritable Vegetable's source changes.


Veritable Vegetable: A Unique Organic Distributor

As an organic produce distributor with over 40 years of experience, Veritable Vegetable has benefited from the creativity and hard work of our employees, and the deep relationships we’ve formed with our growers. We’re proud of our reputation for quality and integrity. As a mission–driven company, we make every business decision based on a set of core values. Because we believe in supporting our growers, we maintain visibility for each of the 200+ farm labels we carry and communicate the distance each grower is from our warehouse in San Francisco. 

Our environmental initiatives are vast: not only do we transport our organic produce via an award winning, environmentally sustainable green fleet of trucks and trailers; we also divert 99% of our waste stream through a vigorous waste management program and the use of reusable pallets, crates and fabric wraps. Additionally, our solar array generates 70% of our electricity needs. 

We actively support our community by creating unique partnerships with local and national organizations, donating time, produce, and resources to sustainability efforts, and by weighing in on policy initiatives that impact sustainable food systems. Veritable Vegetable is a woman-owned, certified B Corporation, using the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges.

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Veritable Vegetable
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Veritable Vegetable works hard to actively improve the sustainable food system by supporting organic farmers, increasing access to fresh produce, strengthening communities, and cultivating a fair and dynamic workplace. Read more