Veritable Vegetable

Organic Cosmetically-Challenged Juicing Carrots

3 lb
$1.33 / lb
Organic Cosmetically-Challenged Juicing Carrots

Notes From The Producer

Misshapen, too short, too thin, or slightly split, these Organic Carrots may not be the most beautiful in many supermarkets' eyes, but we know that their true beauty is in their flavor. These carrots are just fine for cooking or eating raw, but they're a great deal for those who want to add them to their fresh juice!

These Carrots were grown by Ralph's Greenhouse in Mt. Vernon and brought to us by our trusted distributor partner, Veritable Vegetable.

Product Details

Approx. 12-20 carrots per 3 lb

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About The Producer

Veritable Vegetable
San Francisco, CA
Veritable Vegetable works hard to actively improve the sustainable food system by supporting organic farmers, increasing access to fresh produce, strengthening communities, and cultivating a fair and dynamic workplace. Read more