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Organic Collard Greens

1 bunch
$4.98 / lb
Organic Collard Greens

Notes From The Producer

Hearty and richly sweet with an taste reminiscent of Spinach, these Collard Greens are green for slow braises or steaming into healthy wraps.

When we can't get Organic Collard Greens from any of the farms we work with directly, we rely on our trusted distributor partner, Veritable Vegetable, to source the best quality Organic Collard Greens they can find. Today, their Organic Collard Greens are coming from Sunrise Farm in Lompoc, CA

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Veritable Vegetable
San Francisco, CA
Veritable Vegetable works hard to actively improve the sustainable food system by supporting organic farmers, increasing access to fresh produce, strengthening communities, and cultivating a fair and dynamic workplace. Read more