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Organic Jersey Cow's Milk Cream Cheese

8 oz
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Organic Jersey Cow's Milk Cream Cheese

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"Tomales Farmstead now has Organic Jersey cow's milk cream cheese that is decadent and delicious. I suggest making a spinach and artichoke dip with it or just spread it on a bagel. Either way it's the perfect cream cheese" - Erin, Grocery Buyer

The first and only Bay Area organic, cream cheese. The jersey milk comes from a farmer friend in the town of Tomales. No added gums or fillers. Several of us were sitting around kevetching about the lack of a great local cream cheese and our love for our Sunday lox and bagels so we decided to just make it happen.Luscious and velvety with the sweetness of Jersey milk from the gorgeous pastures of West Marin to your bagel! Enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic pasteurized jersey cow's milk, cream cheese cultures, rennet, salt. 

Contains dairy

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Tomales Farmstead Creamery
We consider ourselves farmers and environmentalists. Taking excellent care of our animals and land goes hand-in-hand; you cannot achieve one without the other. With the help of our Toluma Farm goats, we produce organic, farmstead goat cheese. Read more