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Kenne Goat Cheese

8 oz
$25.98 / lb
Kenne Goat Cheese

Notes From The Producer

"This is one of my favorite cheeses to put on a summer time cheese plate! It's an all goat soft-ripen cheese reminiscent of a robiola. I like to pair this with some local honey, bubbly, or a nice, light refreshing kolsch"- Erin, Grocery Buyer

Kenne (pronounced “kennay”) is a farmstead cheese made entirely from goat’s milk – the word “kenne” is the term the area’s early inhabitants, the Miwoks, used for “one.” It has a dense, creamy texture and a delicate wrinkly rind, which are meant to conjure the Italian soft-ripened cheeses. The high quality of the milk is perfectly showcased in the paste’s mild, slightly earthy flavors. kenne pairs well with beer, champagne, fruit and nuts.

We are thrilled to see this cheese in so many of our favorite Bay Area restaurants.

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Tomales Farmstead Creamery
We consider ourselves farmers and environmentalists. Taking excellent care of our animals and land goes hand-in-hand; you cannot achieve one without the other. With the help of our Toluma Farm goats, we produce organic, farmstead goat cheese. Read more