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Assa Goat Cheese

Tomales Farmstead Creamery

Assa Goat Cheese

5 oz
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Assa Goat Cheese

Notes From The Producer

A firm, aged farmstead pasteurized goat’s milk cheese, the Assa is washed in locally made Chardonnay wine and infused with thyme that is grown right on the farm. It is aged between 3-9 months, and has a pure white interior and a brownish rind from the naturally occurring molds in moist-rinded cheeses.  Assa’s flavor is nutty with a hint of caramel and a slightly sweet flavor due to the lush pastures on which the goats graze. Our animals are rotationally grazed on twelve different fields on 160 acres of organic pastures…some very happy goats! 


Pasteurized goat's milk, cheese cultures, rennet, salt. 

Contains dairy

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About The Producer

Tomales Farmstead Creamery
We consider ourselves farmers and environmentalists. Taking excellent care of our animals and land goes hand-in-hand; you cannot achieve one without the other. With the help of our Toluma Farm goats, we produce organic, farmstead goat cheese.  Read more