Organic "Creamy Alchemy" Sprouted Almond Butter

The Philosopher's Stoneground

Organic "Creamy Alchemy" Sprouted Almond Butter

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Organic "Creamy Alchemy" Sprouted Almond Butter

Notes From The Producer

Ingredients: sprouted organic unpasteurized Spanish almonds, organic Fair Trade cold-pressed coconut oil, organic Fair Trade vanilla extract (using cane sugar alcohol so it's gluten-free), ancient seabed salt

Shelf life: good for 1 year from production date. Refrigeration not recommended (decreases flavor, thickens texture, and decreases shelf life because of moisture).

Creamy Alchemy is the silkiest of the smooth almond butters on the planet. It will not stick to the roof of your mouth, but rather glide over your tongue with gustatory glee. 

The naturally sweeter flavor of the sprouted organic almonds is magically infused over the course of a 12 hour grinding process with coconut oil, vanilla, and ancient seabed salt. This creates emergent layers of flavor that meld into a decadent mastication experience.

Awesome with fruit, on a sandwich with honey and sea salt, in granola with yogurt and jam, or with ice cream. More recipes can be found on our website. Your creativity shapes your alchemical experience!

Our sprouted almond butters feature unpasteurized, truly raw almonds from Spain, which have been grown using dry farming methodology, a traditional water-sustainable and regionally-adapted approach to almond agriculture.

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The Philosopher's Stoneground
Santa Cruz
My name is Tim and I am the Chief Philosopher and Nut Alchemist of The Philosopher's Stoneground, a new mission-driven artisan food company. We alchemize fine artisanal sprouted organic nut and seed butters.  Read more