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Traditional Penne

12 oz
$7.72 / lb
Traditional Penne

Notes From The Producer

Made from the finest durum wheat flour and Semolina then mixed to perfection with just the right amount of water. This classic of the pasta world does not disappoint.  Vibrant color, flavorful and perfect texture providing that "al-dente" feel pasta connoisseurs expect in quality pasta. 

How to cook it: Bring 3 quarts water to a rolling boil, add salt (optional), add pasta, stir and cook approx 4 - 5 minutes.

How to eat it: Traditional Penne is both classic and versatile.  Our "Rigate" (ridges) version of Penne is great with The Pasta Shop's Marinara and meatballs!  We also love it tossed with sautéed chicken, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil.  For a great vegan dish try with our Roasted Tomato Arrabbiata sauce.

Please keep refrigerated and enjoy or freeze by best by date.

Note: When cooking from frozen, do not defrost. Follow instructions above, adding about 30 seconds extra cooking time.

Ingredients: Durum Wheat, water, Semolina.

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