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Creamy Truffle Sauce

8 oz
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Creamy Truffle Sauce

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Nowhere near your run-of-the-mill cream sauce, our luxurious truffle sauce makes pasta extraordinary with a balanced blend of cream, Parmesan cheese and tasty truffle bits.

How to eat it: Warm and toss with your favorite pasta for instant elegance, or use as a decadent simmer sauce for chicken.

Please keep refrigerated and enjoy or freeze within 5 days.

Ingredients: Milk, cream, parmesan, dried boletus mushroom, truffle peelings, salt, truffle essence, white pepper.

Contains: Milk

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The Pasta Shop
Oakland, CA
The Pasta Shop has been making fresh pasta in their Oakland, California kitchen for over 30 years. Every day, over 2,000 pounds of fresh ravioli, rolled and extruded pasta, and handcrafted sauces—including vegan and gluten-free options—are packed and delivered to Bay Area restaurants, stores, and eaters.Read more