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Sprouted Rene's Rye

Sprouted Rene's Rye

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Approx. 2.2lb loaf.
A danish-style whole berry rye bread made with sprouted whole rye, whole spelt flour, flax, sunflower, sesame, and pepita seeds, linden street biere de tartine, and fresh buttermilk yielding a flavorful dense, moist bread that is meant to be eaten in thin slices over the course of a few days to a week.

To our dear customers;

We are writing to let you know that our Bar Tartine crew has big changes in the works: you may have heard the news that Tartine Bakery is in process of merging with Blue Bottle coffee (following a similar collaboration earlier in the year with Blue Bottle in Japan). We call it our grand collaboration, and are all super excited as it creates new and wonderful opportunities for our team to bring Tartine to cities we love (namely Tokyo, NY, and LA over the next few years).  

What this news means for Bar Tartine is that Nick and Cortney, our beloved chefs who have been putting their heart and soul into running the restaurant for the last few years, will take over as owners of Bar Tartine making it officially their own. The bread oven that stands in the restaurant now will be moved to a new home and Nick and Cortney will redesign the kitchen to suit their needs.

We are well into construction on a new Tartine project- the Manufactory at 18th and Alabama. It includes a new bread production space, along with an all-day cafe and ice cream shop. We plan to be baking bread in the space sometime in October; hopefully in time for the holidays. Because we need to consolidate the bread team for training and development (while also beginning the process of moving the oven), it is time to move the bread program out of Bar Tartine. Bar Tartine will continue to use Tartine Bakery breads and the two businesses will continue to enjoy a culture of collaboration, sharing techniques and ideas.

What this means for the Tartine/Good Eggs deliveries is that we will have a temporary pause in our morning country and porridge bread distribution. As soon as we are able to bake bread in the morning at our new Manufactory we will resume delivering loaves seven days a week. In the meantime, we will continue to offer our sprouted Rene's rye bread for sale. Please accept our apologies for the temporary suspension and know that we are working as hard as we can to make our breads available through Good Eggs again as soon as possible. Our new oven is much bigger, so we look forward to coming back with an increased production capability.  Bread will continue to come out of the oven at Tartine Bakery at 5 o'clockevery day.

Thank you so much for your patronage and support. We are enormously excited for what's to come, and couldn't do any of it without you. Good Eggs has been an amazing partner working with our difficult schedule and timing to bring you the freshest product directly from our ovens to your homes. We look forward to joining up again with even better service and offerings. 

Our very best,Chad Robertson and the the Tartine Bread team

Thank you!
All the best, Chad

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