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Gluten-Reduced Flyby Pilsner

6 count
$0.18 / fl oz
Gluten-Reduced Flyby Pilsner

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6 pack of 12 fl oz cans, 5.1% abv
Sufferfest's Gluten-Reduced Flyby Pilsner has less than 10 ppm gluten, meaning it's considered safe for gluten-free folks by the National Celiac Council—not to mention, it's a 2017 Good Food Award Winner! Epic Pilsner has noticeable zesty spice notes on the nose and a hint of cereal grain character. Those aromas match the flavor with a light, crisp, and refreshing body. It's the perfect cold beer to pair with a hot day.

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About The Producer

Sufferfest Beer Company
San Francisco, CA
Caitlin Landesberg discovered she was gluten intolerant in 2012, and started her quest to find the best gluten-free beer in the world. Coming up short, she founded her own brewery that's proud to produce delicious gluten-reduced beers.Read more