Dried Kombu Seaweed

Strong Arm Farm

Dried Kombu Seaweed

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Dried Kombu Seaweed

Notes From The Producer

Kombu is excellent added to beans, to soften and break down the tough fibers increasing the digestibility, therefore reducing the ‘gas effect’.  Studies show that alginic acids in Kombu remove heavy metals from our body. Sustainably harvest by hand at low tide off the Sonoma Coast and sun dried (never heated!). For more information and suggested uses you can view Heidi's Sea Vegetable one pager here.

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Store in a cool dry place.

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About The Producer

Strong Arm Farm
Healdsburg, CA
We are a Sustainable Farm located in Sonoma County, California Strong Arm Farm is about 1.5 acre homestead selling seaweed, vegetables and flowers. The Sonoma Coast Seaweed is a unique addition to our activities and wares. Selling solely within the bay area we strengthen (and nourish) our local economy. Read more