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Free Range White Eggs (Large)

1 dozen
Free Range White Eggs (Large)

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One dozen
These Free Range White Eggs come from hens that live happily and freely in protective barns with doors greater than 2 square feet per hen outside pasture space under open skies. The hens live naturally, in safe environments where they can forage, perch, and nest — with plenty of room for flapping, dust-bathing, and social interaction. In addition to their foraging, all hens are fed a diet of organic and all-natural grains, minerals, and nutrients.

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St. John Family Farms
At St. John Family Farms our principle is simple…”appreciate nature’s perfection.” Our laying hens live in mobile units that are moved frequently to new sections of green pasture. During the day the hens are free to explore and chase bugs outside, snack on hearty green grass and clover, and dine on feed that is custom blended each day and is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.Read more