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Organic Whole Jersey Milk

Saint Benoit Creamery

Organic Whole Jersey Milk

1 liter
/ fl oz
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Organic Whole Jersey Milk

Notes From The Producer

The Jersey cows at Saint Benoît Creamery in Sonoma are always outside year-round and fed from the pastures they graze on.  This milk is rich and creamy thanks to the high protein and good fat content of a pastured diet. The original fat content remains in the milk to protect the naturally occurring vitamin A and D, providing superior quality taste.

  • Non-homogenized
  • Vat pasteurized
  • Sourced from a small fourth generation dairy farm

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1 liter bottle. $1.50 bottle deposit.

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About The Producer

Saint Benoit Creamery
Petaluma, CA
Saint Benoît Yogurt is a natural product from Sonoma county, California. Our organic yogurts are handcrafted in small batches. Their unique, smooth, creamy flavor begins with the wholesome Jersey milk we use. Read more