St. Benoit Creamery

Organic Pasture-Raised Vanilla Yogurt

23 oz
$0.30 / oz
Organic Pasture-Raised Vanilla Yogurt

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We use wholesome pasture-fed organic cow's milk from John Mattos’ family farm in Two Rock (near Petaluma) in Sonoma county. Our Yogurt culture comes from France where it has been used for decades to produce sweet, mild and smooth yogurts. Unlike most producers, we add no thickeners, stabilizers or preservatives. Just milk and culture, that’s it!

Ingredients: Whole Organic Jersey Milk, Organic Vanilla Sauce (Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Milk, Organic Vanilla Beans), Living Cultures.

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St. Benoit Creamery
Petaluma, CA
Organic, pasture-raised, local, and sustainable: St. Benoit Creamery is committed to creating real, earth-friendly, and ultra-delicious A2 milk and yogurt.Read more