Starvation Alley

Frozen Transitional Organic Cranberries

10 oz
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Frozen Transitional Organic Cranberries

Notes From The Producer

Starvation Alley's no-spray cranberries are transitional organic, meaning that the farms growing the cranberries are in the process of being certified organic and are producing amazingly delicious, flavorful fruit while they do so. Cranberries are super-tart and deliciously sweet, not to mention a fantastic source of Vitamin C, manganese, and other naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals. Bake them into pies or quickbreads with other fall fruit like pears and apples, or use in savory dishes—we like to throw a handful into the pan when roasting meat or veggies. And of course, you can't make cranberry sauce without using a few (or many!) cranberries!

Ingredients: transitional organic cranberries.

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10 oz bag

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Starvation Alley
Long Beach, WA
We're a certified organic cranberry farm in Washington, established in 2010. Our goal is to produce sustainably grown cranberries of exceptional quality while supporting neighboring farmers through their own transition to organic.Read more