Starvation Alley

Starvation Alley

Long Beach, WA

Starvation Alley provides delicious, sustainably grown organic cranberries and cranberry products from Northwest family farms. Our mission is to invest in the future of the land on which we all live and work. Our ten-acre farm was the first certified organic cranberry farm in Washington, located on Long Beach Peninsula near our juicing kitchen and production facility. Founded in 2010, Starvation Alley’s goal is to produce sustainably grown cranberries of exceptional quality while supporting neighboring farmers to do the same. We sell organic fruit from our farm, as well as Certified Transitional fruit from the collective of farms we work with as we lead and support their conversion to organic. 

The name "Starvation Alley" comes from a Great Depression nickname for the area which historically housed day-laborers of the local cranberry and oyster industries. At Starvation Alley Farms, we adopted that richly historical name as an homage to the hard-working families who preceded us.

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