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Organic Sharp White Cheddar

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

Organic Sharp White Cheddar

8 oz
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Organic Sharp White Cheddar

Notes From The Producer

Creamy in texture and aged to medium sharpness, this is a cheese to always have on hand.

The secret is the milk of Jersey cows, which contains a high butterfat content, creating an incomparably rich and creamy cheese. We use only milk, salt and natural enzymes to create our cheeses; never any growth hormones, additives or preservatives.

Ingredients: USDA organic culture pasteurized grade A Jersey milk, salt, enzymes.

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8 oz package

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About The Producer

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese
Petaluma, CA
Organic, artisan cheese handmade from 100% Jersey cowmilk. Proudly produced in Petaluma, California. Read more