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Just Date Syrup

8.8 oz
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Just Date Syrup

Notes From The Producer

Spice Mama's Just Date Syrup is just that: organic, wholesome Medjool dates, with no coloring, flavoring, preservatives, or extra sweeteners. High in potassium and antioxidants, and with a naturally low glycemic index, Just Date Syrup is a great alternative to refined sugar, stevia, agave, and other sweeteners. It's easy to stir into a hot drink like tea or coffee, drizzle over yogurt and cereal, or use in baking projects like pancakes, quickbreads, and cookies.

Ingredients: organic dates.

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Spice Mama
San Francisco, CA
Spice Mama shares the flavors of her childhood with everyone through these addictive chili sauces: spicy and sweet, combining a rich, traditional Indian heritage with the beauty and freshness of clean California cooking. Read more