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Pasture Raised Whole Chicken (Frozen)

2.75 lb
$9.99 / lb
Pasture Raised Whole Chicken (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Pasture Raised Whole Chicken- from A4 Farms in Santa Rosa, through Sonoma County Meat Co.

Whole chickens, perfect for roasting in the oven, spatchcocking and throwing on the grill, or cutting up and using in a soup or stew (or maybe even buttermilk fried chicken? I know, sounds good, right?) These chickens are the conventional "Cornish Cross" breed, so they'll have the proportions most folks are used to these days with all the benefits of being raised on pasture!
A4 Farms has deep roots in Santa Rosa; with a longtime family farming history that has included hops, prunes, hay, cattle, and now pasture-raised farm fresh chickens. Jessica and Brian are committed to raising chickens outside and free with no antibiotics, and no hormones. They forage on grasses, and bugs, with access to high quality feed containing essential vitamins and minerals to keep the chickens healthy and vigorous.

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2.75-3lbs, whole chicken, frozen.

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