Pasture Raised Pork Skin (Frozen)

Sonoma County Meat Co.

Pasture Raised Pork Skin (Frozen)

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Pasture Raised Pork Skin (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Walnut Keep Farms Pork- from Sonoma County Meat Company

Chicharrones! Say hello to golden fried pork skin that will satisfy that urge for crunch. Leave in sheets for chip-like chunks, OR slice thin and serve on top of pasta, salad, fried eggs, and rice. The sky is the limit with this delectable, local product.

Heritage breed pigs are pasture-raised in Suisun Valley and finished on walnuts, giving the fat a rich, creamy texture. Never given antibiotics or growth hormones, and never confined.

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1.8lb package, frozen.

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Sonoma County Meat Co.
Santa Rosa
We are Sonoma County's only USDA inspected and Custom Exempt meat processing facility. Every day we cut tons of locally and sustainably raised meat. Read more