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Pasture Raised Ground Goat (Frozen)

1 lb
$13.99 / lb
Pasture Raised Ground Goat (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Sonoma Hills Ranch Ground Goat- from Sonoma County Meat Company

Ground goat can be used as you would any other ground meat- leaner than beef or lamb, goat has a great flavor all on its own but will stand up to whatever sweet/spicy/savory flavorings you choose to pair with it.

From Sonoma Hills Ranch: Our goats eat a combination of what nature provides on our hillsides supplemented with alfalfa and orchard grass. During the fall they get an abundance of acorns and leaves, and during the spring our hillside meadows produce grasses for them. Other than providing some mineral supplements via goat blocks we don’t add a thing. No antibiotics, no grain, no pellets. Just happy goats eating primarily what nature provides. We raise primarily purebred Boer goats. They originate from South Africa and are considered the premier meat goat due to their stocky structure, weight gain and beautiful meat/fat blend. Goat fat doesn’t marble, unlike beef, but our goats always produce an extremely delicate layer of fat that makes the local chefs super happy.

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1-1.25lbs, frozen.

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