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Hamlette (Frozen)

3 lb
$12.99 / lb
Hamlette (Frozen)

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3-3.4lbs, frozen.
At Sonoma County Meat Co. we treat each Hamlette as a work of art. Each little ham serves 5-6 people. Heritage breed pigs are pasture-raised in Suisun Valley and finished on walnuts, giving the fat a rich, creamy texture. Never given antibiotics or growth hormones, and never confined.

We use the absolute minimum quantity of nitrite allowable. It is our desire to cure tenderly, rather than mechanically over-injecting as common at larger operations. Our hams are not pumped full of preservatives, nor are they vacuum tumbled. It is our desire to carefully cure in the least intrusive way possible. The slight imperfections in color will not effect the flavor profile. The high quality of every ingredient we use makes for a superior ham. You are truly tasting a hand crafted artisanal product made with sustainably raised pork. 

Place in oven preheated to 350°F for up to 2 hours to reach internal temperature of 145°F for 5 minutes, or 160°F instantaneously - check by inserting a meat thermometer.

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