Smoking Goose

Smoked Turkey Breast (Frozen)

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Smoked Turkey Breast (Frozen)

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Smoking Goose Smoked Turkey Breast is all natural, free range birds. Brined in organic herbs and spices and smoked over fruit woods. This subtly smoked turkey has texture and body yet remains juicy. It tastes like you are thinly carving turkey right off the bone! Perfect for that "Thanksgiving-style" sandwich!

All Smoking Goose recipes begin on the farm. They carefully curate farm sources based on research, site visits, flavor, and personal relationships with farmers. The base requirements for all Smoking Goose farm sources: Small Family Owned Farm, No factory Farms, No Gestation Pens,  Antibiotic Free, 100% Vegetarian Feed, No Growth Promotants, Humanely Slaughtered. Source codes printed in the bottom right corner of each smoking goose package. To find out more about the farm please visit their Raw Resource Sheet.

Ingredients: Whole breast of turkey, thyme, cloves, orange peel.

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Smoking Goose
Indianapolis, IN
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