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Smoking Goose


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Notes From The Producer

With the original 'Nduja as our inspiration, we're making our own all-local Indiana version. Like the traditional Italian salame, we started by grinding and blending pork shoulder, belly and jowl. We spiked the rich, soft mixture with dried Calabrianpeppers then stuffed natural casings that are about 3 or 4 inches wide, like the Italians use. Here's where we made it our own: our 'Nduja saw the inside of our gravity-fed cold smoker for 10 days before dry curing for 8 weeks. That layer of sweet smoke rounds out the delicious bite of hot, floral, and earthy Calabrian peppers for a slice that's a little more firm than the original 'Nduja but layered with even more intense and complex flavors. The soft center of the salame is spreadable on warm bread for a simple first course, but since our 'Nduja is firm enough to slice paper thin, we'll take it to top a pizza, dress a salad or soup, or stir into sauce for cut pasta or lasagna.

All Smoking Goose recipes begin on the farm. They carefully curate farm sources based on research, site visits, flavor, and personal relationships with farmers. THe base requirements for all Smoking Goose farm sources: Small Family Owned Farm, No factory Farms, No Gestation Pens,  Antibiotic Free, 100% Vegetarian Feed, No Growth Promotants, Humanely Slaughtered. Source codes printed in the bottom right corner of each smoking goose package. To find out more about the farm please visit their Raw Resource Sheet

This item is stored frozen. Please use within 30 days of defrosting.

Ingredients: pork, calabrian peppers, paprika, cold-smoked

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Smoking Goose
Indianapolis, IN
Old World craft, New World flavor: curing Indiana one pig at a time Read more