Smári Organics

Organic Whole Milk Vanilla Icelandic Yogurt

5 oz
$0.40 / oz
Organic Whole Milk Vanilla Icelandic Yogurt

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Smári yogurt has more protein per serving than any other yogurt in the US. It's thicker than most other yogurt. Creamier, also. It's thick because we strain off most of the water, and leave the yogurt. It's concentrated. It takes four cups of whole milk to make one cup of Smári.

Organic grade A pasteurized skim milk, organic grade A pasteurized whole milk, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla extract, organic vanilla bean, live and active cultures.

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About The Producer

Smári Organics
Petaluma, CA
This is the yogurt of Smári Ásmundsson. He is an Icelander, born in Hafnarfjörður to Halldóra Hermannsdóttir and Ásmundur Jónasson. From a young age, he ate Icelandic yogurt. Now that he has become a full-time skyr-master, he brings to yogurt-making the same passion and perfectionism he brought to photography. He hopes you love his yogurt.Read more