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Pastured Smoked Pork Ham Ends (Frozen)

0.75 lb
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Pastured Smoked Pork Ham Ends (Frozen)

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.5-.6lbs, frozen
Ingredients: Pork Legs, Water, Salt, Sugar, and Celery Baste Aid (sea salt, evaporated cane syrup and celery powder).

A well balanced, slightly sweet, slightly smoky ham, perfect for sandwiches.

Pasture raised Berkshire cross hogs from the Capay Valley.

At Simas Swine and Wine we raise pork the old fashion way.  They enjoy an open air environment with 10 acres to roam around on; some pasture, some open lot.  They have shelter to get out of the rain and cold, or sun in the summer.  In the heat of summer we employ a mister system as well as mud wallows to keep them cool.  Piglets are allowed to stay with their mom for at least 5 weeks compared to 3 in a typical system.  
They eat a commercially prepared ration with added luxuries in the summer and fall of culled peaches, melons and winter squash.

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Simas Farms
Simas Farms is located in California's Capay Valley where they raise Berkshire pigs on pasture. The breed is known for their high quality marbled meat.Read more