Simas Farms

Simas Farms

Capay, CA

Simas Farms is a small, family-run business offering pastured eggs and pork, raised with care and dignity. Simas Farms also has a vineyard and sells wine in the family's name.

The whole family, including our four sons, is essential in all aspects of their egg production. They work together to raise the chickens, plant pastures, move chicken trailers, and collect eggs. The hens are free to roam and scratch all day, which enhances their diet and increases the flavor of the eggs.

The family's pigs enjoy a 10 acre area on the farm to roam in an open-air environment with natural and built shelters to protect them from the elements. In the heat of summer, they bask in a mister system and mud wallows to keep them cool. Piglets are allowed to stay with their mom for at least 5 week compared to the 3 weeks in a typical system. Their diets are supplemented by culled peaches, melons, and winter squash.

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