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Organic Hachiya Persimmons

1 lb
$3.99 / lb
Organic Hachiya Persimmons

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Approx. 3-4 persimmons per lb
Confusion around the misunderstood Hachiya is often the reason people think they hate Persimmons. Eaten before it's fully ripe, it's got an awful, astringent quality that'll dry your mouth out and make you swear off these otherwise delicious fruits forever. But, when the Hachiya reaches a stage of extreme softness--an almost jelly-like state where the skin and flesh taken on an translucent quality and it must be handled very gently to not break the delicate skin--its tannins give way to sugars, and the Hachiya becomes one of the sweetest fruits around. Eat (messily) out of hand, or if you're trying to impress your guests, you can place the persimmon stem-side down, slice off the tip, and serve with a spoon.

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