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Wild Smoked Keta Salmon (Frozen)

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Wild Smoked Keta Salmon (Frozen)

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8oz, frozen
Our smoked salmon lets the flavor of the fish stand out.  We harvest and handle our fish with care and they're smoked with a low salt brine, a small amount of sugar and alder wood chips for a subtle smoke flavor.  The Coho in southeast Alaska tend to be big, high oil salmon so each strip is on the larger side.  These are ready to eat.

Ingredients: Wild Alaskan Salmon, Sugar, Salt, Wood Smoke

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Sea to Shore Seafood Co.
St. Petersburg, AK
Sea to Shore Seafood Company is a unique business based out of Southeast Alaska that offers direct fisherman to consumer seafood products. Our goal is provide only the freshest, highest quality sustainable seafood directly from our boat to your plate.Read more