Sea to Shore Seafood Co.

Sea to Shore Seafood Co.

St. Petersburg, AK
Sea to Shore Seafood Company is a unique business based out of Southeast Alaska that offers direct fisherman to consumer seafood products. Our goal is provide only the freshest, highest quality sustainable seafood directly from our boat to your plate. 

Our names are Peter Keutmann and Chelsea Berg, and we are the soon-to-be Keutmann's,  as well as the proud founders and owners of the Sea to Shore Seafood Company. 

 As a born and raised Petersburg, Alaska resident, Chelsea was brought up in a fishing family and since 2007 has been running her own commercial fishing gillnet vessel and direct marketing company.  Peter who is a California native from Santa Cruz, met Chelsea in Petersburg while in the Coast Guard. After 5 years of serving, Pete turned in his uniform for a pair of fishing bibs and extratuffs to join Chelsea’s side. 

Together, we have joined forces in life and in business to supply the consumer the freshest seafood and highest quality salmon directly from the fisherman.

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