Sea to Shore Seafood Co.

Sea to Shore Seafood Co.

Petersburg, AK

Sea to Shore Seafood Company is a small scale, direct-to-consumer fishing company based out of Southeast Alaska. Sea to Shore Seafood Co. works with fishermen that fish in the bodies of water just outside of Petersburg, where the land was previously inhabited and fished by the Tlingit people, or "People of the Tides".

Sea to Shore Seafood Co. was founded by Pete & Chelsea Keutmann, in Petersburg, Alaska. In combining their passions for fishing and sustainable seafood, they found an opportunity to bring wild caught, Alaskan seafood to a community of like-minded seafood lovers. As they continue to grow and expand the Sea to Shore name, their roots keep them grounded and connected to the place they come from. It’s this connection that Sea to Shore Seafood Co. wants to bring to their growing family of customers.

Sea to Shore Seafood Co. is about more than just selling fish, but about creating a business model that allows them to follow their passion to fish and bring beautiful wild caught Alaskan seafood to market, while doing so in a way that is sustainable, traceable, limits waste and produces the very best quality seafood.

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Smoked Wild Keta Salmon Filet (Frozen)
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