Root Down Farm

Pastured Ranger Whole Chicken

3.25 lb
$8.92 / lb
Pastured Ranger Whole Chicken

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Approx. 3.25-3.5 lb, arrives fresh
Root Down Farm raises Red Ranger chickens, a slow-growing breed of chicken that loves to forage and snack on grains, bugs, and grasses. The Pasture Raised Ranger Chicken is a great bird for roasting, braising, grilling, or almost any preparation. It's flavorful, with a nice balance of dark meat to white meat. Try stuffing your chicken with a halved lemon, a few cloves of garlic, and some fresh herbs; rub it all over with butter or olive oil and a generous amount of salt, then get roasting!

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Root Down Farm
Pescadero, CA
Root Down Farm is a pasture-based poultry and pig farm whose mission is to responsibly steward the land and improve soil health, while humanely raising healthy and happy animals.Read more