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"Windy Picnic" Autumn Seasonal Espresso Blend

12 oz
$21.72 / lb
"Windy Picnic" Autumn Seasonal Espresso Blend

Notes From The Producer

We call this star-studded blend Windy Picnic in an homage to our best Sunday afternoons ahead. Two flavor-stacked Costa Ricans round out the base of this espresso: Producer’s Pride and Los Crestones, with extra fruity notes supplied by the delicate, tea-like Organic Hama from Ethiopia.

These coffees were chosen for this blend because they compliment each other in the best way. A lot of people in the coffee industry look down on blending in general, but we love how this espresso really counters that argument: all three of these coffees are beautiful on their own, but unstoppable as a trio. 

The viscous, sweet (and a lil spicy!) caramel and cream notes of Producer's Pride give this espresso a very nicely rounded body—while the brighter notes of stone fruit and citrus from Crestones punch it up a bit. Hama offers floral and sweet aromatics, with a hint of tropical fruit!

  • 33% Hama, Ethiopia
  • 33% Producer's Pride, Costa Rica
  • 33% Los Crestones, Costa Rica 

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