Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee Roasters

San Francisco

Forty years ago, a cup of coffee was nothing more than a caffeine delivery vehicle. It didn't really matter how it tasted (and often, it was very bad); it just had to slap you awake in the morning or prop you up through a long afternoon. But in the last decade, things have changed. A lot. A few people scattered across the country discovered how amazing a cup of coffee can be when you source the beans directly from farmers you know. When you roast the beans yourself in an aggressively light way. When you brew the coffee with down-to-the-second precision.

Ritual has been a pioneer in this delicious shift in coffee consciousness since we opened our doors on Valencia Street in 2005 and started what some call a coffee revolution in San Francisco. Our goal then--and our goal now--was to craft the very best cup of coffee available anywhere. Period. We've learned a lot over the years, but the care and attention we lavish on our process is unchanged, including tasting every coffee several times before it goes out to our coffee bars and into your cup.

We don't do all of this to make coffee more complicated. We do it because pretty much everybody who works here has had a moment where a really, really good cup of coffee changed their lives. And we want to do every single thing we can to create that kind of experience for you, or at the very least, give you a really, really good cup of coffee that makes you feel like your day just took a turn for the better. 


We are endlessly enchanted by the coffees we discover and continually delighted by the experience of sharing them with our customers. And just like with any passionate affair, we find ourselves more in love with coffee today than we were when we started. We can't imagine doing business any other way.





In addition to our flagship store on Valencia, we now have a coffee bar in the Bayview at Flora Grubb Gardens, in a shipping container at Proxy in Hayes Valley, and in Napa's Oxbow Market. You can also find our coffee in hundreds of other coffee shops, specialty markets, and grocery stores.

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