Sweet Tooth Single Origin Guatemalan Espresso Beans

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Sweet Tooth Single Origin Guatemalan Espresso Beans

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Sweet Tooth Single Origin Guatemalan Espresso Beans

Notes From The Producer

Current Offering: Concepción Buena Vista, Guatemala 

Near the town of San Martín Jilotepeque in the Chimaltenango department of Guatemala, Bernardo Solano grows these Bourbon trees 1800 meters above sea level. This will our seventh year of offering coffees from Concepción Buena Vista. The cherries are processed in the traditional washed process, meaning that they are de-pulped to remove the skin of the fruit before they are soaked for approximately 24 hours to ferment and loosen the sticky mucilage that surrounds the bean. This coffee has wonderful floral aromatics and flavors of orange, cherry and cocoa. As an espresso roast, our head roaster Leslie describes this as a joyful sleeper, a bright ray of sunlight to the otherwise gloomy day that occasioned its first evalutive taste. Look for an incredibly juicy shot, with flavors of deep red plum, tangy lemon, and a sweet floral nectar. The sun shines again!

Harvested: Winter 2016-2017
Variety: Bourbón
Locale: Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Tastes Like: plum, meyer lemon, lilac
Grown By: Bernardo Solano

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