Sweet Tooth Single Origin Amaro Ethiopia Espresso Beans

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Sweet Tooth Single Origin Amaro Ethiopia Espresso Beans

12 oz
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Sweet Tooth Single Origin Amaro Ethiopia Espresso Beans

Notes From The Producer

Current Offering: Sweet Tooth Amaro, Ethiopia

One of the first small lots we ever sourced from Africa, the coffees of the Aramo Cooperative are grown from “heirloom” varieties managed since the area’s farmers formed the co-op in 1972. The cherries are delivered to the Aramo washing station, fermented for up to 72 hours, washed, and then hand sorted to Grade 1 specifications.Expect an espresso that is incredibly sweet and juicy, with lilac aromatics developing into flavors of fresh hops, meyer lemon, berry crumble, even strawberry

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12 oz bag

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Ritual Coffee Roasters
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