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Sweet Tooth Organic La Soledad - Guatemala Espresso Beans

12 oz
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Sweet Tooth Organic La Soledad - Guatemala Espresso Beans

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12 oz bag
In the Sacatepéquez department outside of Antigua, Guatemala, Lucia Zelaya and her husband, Don Rony Asensio, cultivate Caturra and Bourbon trees at their farm, La Soledad. Shaded by ubiquitous Grevillea trees at 1750 meters above sea level, these 21 hectares of coffee trees are harvested of their fruit throughout the late Winter months. The coffee is then processed at the Zelaya family's own Beneficio Bella Vista in a mechanically washed manner. After the skin of the cherry is removed, the emerging fruit covered beans are scrubbed clean using a water-saving ecopulper - this helps give the coffee the crisp bright flavors we associate with fully washed coffees, but without the significant waste of water, which can be of particular concern in this arid region. The clean parchment-covered beans are then laid out to dry on newly constructed raised mesh beds located in a temperature controlled warehouse - a significant quality-driven change compared to the patio-dried lots we used to purchase in years past. The end result is a coffee that is sweet, clean and amazingly complex.

HARVESTED: Winter 2019 
VARIETY: Bourbon, Caturra
LOCATION: Santa Catarina de Bobadilla, Sacatepequez, Guatemala
TASTES LIKE: citrus, raspberry, graham cracker
GROWN BY: Lucia Zelaya

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