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Sweet Tooth Espresso - Munyinya - Burundi

12 oz
$26.65 / lb
Sweet Tooth Espresso - Munyinya - Burundi

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12 oz bag

The tiny, landlocked country of Burundi is located right in the heart of Africa. Stretching up from the shores of Lake Tanganyika, a labyrinth of hills spreads in all directions, each hill a distinct community of small holding farmer families. One of these hills, Munyinya, supports just over 700 farming families with its rich soils and favorable climate. Here, coffee is the single most important source of revenue for the community, and these farmers take their work incredibly seriously. With the help of the Long Miles Coffee Project, we discovered a lot that was selected for its even ripeness and incredible fruit flavor to be processed as a fully washed coffee. In the cup, this spectacular offering tastes strongly reminiscent of kumquat marmalade from start to finish, with a nectarine sweetness and even notes of oolong tea.

HARVESTED: Summer 2018 
VARIETY: Bourbon
LOCATION: Bukeye, Burundi
TASTES LIKE: Blackberry, Cola, Lemon custard
GROWN BY: Munyinya Hill Producers

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