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Sweet Tooth Espresso - La Pinona - Honduras

12 oz
$26.65 / lb
Sweet Tooth Espresso - La Pinona - Honduras

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12 oz bag
We are very excited about the return of Sebastián Benitez’s La Piñona. Above the town of El Cielito, overlooking Lake Yojoa, Sebastián grows these Pacas cherries on his farm at 1615 meters above sea level. The cooler temperatures from the lake shrouds the farm in fog, which helps to slow down the maturation of the cherries. Working the farm with the help of his wife and their 11 children, Sebastián relies on the help of only a handful of employees during the harvest, and manages to do all of the coffee farming himself. He also processes his own coffee in a small mill, pulping the coffee by hand, fermenting in tanks, and then drying on raised beds under a parabolic cover. As an espresso, Sebastián’s coffee is sweet and complex with flavors of amaro, chocolate, grapefruit preserves, and a caramel-like finish.

HARVESTED: Summer 2017


LOCATION: Santa Barbara, Honduras

TASTES LIKE: raisinettes, grapefruit, dark caramel

GROWN BY: Sebastián Benitez

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